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Buying, Selling, Building New

Whether you are buying or building your first home, moving to a new home or selling an existing home, we can provide you with the information you need to help you make a "Prudent" decision.

Technology and Knowledge

For your Home & Property Inspections, we use a camera mounted drone to get a birdseye view of your roof and those hard to reach places.  Provide digital photos and comprehensive electronic report on a timely basis.  We will share our knowledge and expertise to enhance your investment decision, using a certified professional Home Inspector protects your purchase!

Inspect before you Invest

You don't purchase a car without a test drive, why would you buy a home without an inspection.  Call us today.

About Us

Knowledgeable Home Inspector Experts

What You Want

When looking for a home inspector, you expect efficiency, knowledge, and experience. A well-rounded, certified professional inspector can assure a thorough, qualified report. With over twenty years of experience in construction related industries, we can promise you that report. We have background in mechanical work, roofing, flooring, new construction, and remodeling. 

What We Do

We inspect from roof to foundation, provide you with a comprehensive report in PDF format online and offer a post-inspection consultation. 

We  open your electrical panel, when accessible, to ensure properly terminated wiring, functional breakers and/or any discrepancies within the panel.  We test your heating and cooling systems (when ambient temp is above 65 degrees F) to ensure it is operable.  We inspect under sinks, in attics, and all accessible locations to look for any visible anomalies that may lead to unintended expenses. Whether you are inquiring about existing properties or homes under construction, rest assured in the knowledge, prudence, and wisdom we can provide. Certified to inspect in Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska.

We Notice the Little Things


We perform an inspection that is not a technically exhaustive evaluation, providing you with an overview of any minor to major deficiencies that could result in a major expense to correct.  If we can see it, we report it!

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction


Our report evaluation will assist you with one of the largest investments you may ever make.   We explain any questions you may have with our findings, be it a major concern or just an FYI notation, so that you can plan, negotiate and budget  appropriately throughout the purchase transaction.

Our Services



 We notify you by email of our agreed upon inspection time and date.  We are willing to meet you at the site any time during the inspection to walk you through the process. You will also be notified by email when your report is available for review.



 We use a camera-equipped drone (as shown above) to inspect all areas of the roof without damage to shingles, gutters or fascia. This allows us to get better views of hard to reach areas not normally accessible by ladder.



We take the time, at your request, to review our findings with you upon completion of the initial inspection or any follow up questions you may have later.




Why Prudent Property Inspections?

Knowledge - the fact or condition of being aware of something

We are made wise not by the recollections of our past, but by the responsibility for our future. ~ George Bernard Shaw

Prudence - skill and good judgment in the use of resources

You are preparing for one of  the largest investments of your life.   Be Prudent - know what you are buying. 

Wisdom - a wise attitude, belief, or course of action

Let me help you make a knowledgeable decision.

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